Friday, January 22, 2016

Hello lovelies and welcome to 2016! I realize as I'm writing this, it's already 3 weeks into the New Year, but let's be totally honest, do we really stop writing 2015 on our notes and letters in January? I mean, it definitely takes me at least a good month and even then, I still mess it up some times. So since our minds are still wrapped up around the last year, I thought I would do a Flashback Friday *cue dramatic music* and post photos of my trip to Japan last year!

So it all started at the airport (Tegel, to be exact).

I got a new purse to put my valuables in. I've been functioning mainly with a backpack for the past 4 years so it's really nice sometimes to just have a small purse.

We had a layover in Russia (by the way, if you have a layover in Russia, depending on your citizenship, it's not required to get a visa) and we wanted to try this chocolate place someone told us about. While wandering around, I found a doll that looks eerily like my friend Marina.

We found the chocolate cafe! It's called "Shokoladnitsa" and it's a chain cafe in Russia.

It was like drinking pure chocolate. One cup was more than enough!

Oli brushing up on Japanese

After the layover was over, I settled in to the seat of the plane and watched Winnie Pooh, but obviously Russian Winnie Pooh is far superior to that of Disney's (he sings strange[r] songs and Piglet wears fashionable overalls)

One of the meals included a strange fortune cookie.

Getting close to landing

The first thing we did was buy a bunch of tickets to get into the city (which ended up being incredibly easy with the help of the people at the airport). Then the second thing we did was use a drink automat/vending machine because those things are what keep me going in Japan.

We AirBnb'ed it the first few nights and we went out for a walk with our host and came back with Mister Donut doughnuts!!

Honestly didn't expect to get doughnuts inside a bag that said Brooklyn. :P

Matcha Pon de Ring and a strawberry one for Oli.

Afterwards, Oli and I had a quick power nap before meeting my friend for dinner!

We went to Shibuya, which is famous for the street crossing outside the train station.

We ate at a nearby curry place. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo but well, we all ordered curry dishes (Oli really liked his).

After eating we walked around. We ended the day taking purikura.

That was Day 1 of our Japan trip. Day 2 will come at a later time. Thank you guys for the support in 2015. I know I didn't post that much but it was still nice to have a platform to share my feelings and hear feedback from you. Ciao for now!

Flashback Friday: Trip to Tokyo Day 1