Saturday, February 23, 2013

If you've ever seen Avenue Q the Musical, then you know that the internet is for porn.

So to follow on that, here's a few saucy pictures that should get your stomach churning for more!

The first four pictures are all homemade food. Ever since Oliver and I had another Sushi Party, we've been on a Sushi kick and packing Sushi for lunch more frequently (Maki being the correct term, since Sushi refers to Nigiri).
The same goes for the Cinnamon Rolls. We kept baking a new batch to replace the ones that were eaten, that after 5 days straight of Cinnamon Rolls, we couldn't take it anymore. The ones I made were Vegan, which we decided were better than the regular ones. The flatmates gobbled them up!

The burgers were created a few hours ago for dinner. There was leftover Gluten Frei Mehl (gluten free flour) so we used it to make burger buns and donuts. Fail on both parts. I've dabbled in gluten-free baking before, and the most successful ones always mix different kinds of gluten free flours. I also am partial to Sorghum Flour. I looked at the ingredients and all this was was Corn Flour and Corn Starch. It just made the bread really dense and heavy. We called them Sad Donuts and Buns. Therefore in this case, Gluten-Frei = Glücklich-Frei (Happy Free). Boo!

I've been really busy lately trying to assemble myself here, so excuse the lack of updates. I haven't forgotten the blog just yet! I'll try to get it rolling once again.

Have a fun Saturday y'all!

Food Porn

Monday, February 4, 2013

Recently gave these a whirl when Ollie was making burgers. Super easy stuff! Just keep an eye on them because they brown pretty quickly . . . . (click image to go to recipe)

Hamburger Buns