Sunday, March 17, 2013

Flashback Paris

When asked why I moved to Berlin, I jokingly said "Because it's not Paris." Truth be told, I love Paris. Despite some bad experiences I've had in the past, I love the energy and the character Paris has. This need to always look good in the public eye. To eat mountains of cheese and never get fat. To know your neighborhood baker by first name. It's just something I find both comforting and charming.

Les Galeries Lafayette is one of my favorite department stores. Despite the fact that I can't afford anything and the people that work there probably know that, I love to go in and be in the center of all the buzz. Especially during Christmas season, you get to see the beautiful window displays!

Then there's Le Bon Marché. I am of course more partial to their food gallery, but I love to look at House and Kitchen Ware in any department store. Here's a cute array of designer cups I found (above).

The area around La Basilique du Sacré Coeur was of course ringing with sleigh bells as well, with its own mini Christmas Market. I however was too distracted by the sights of the city.

Speaking of sights . . .

The last image is an outdoor market in Versailles, where I went to visit a friend. I tried some of the best bread and cheese there. I also brought back a jar of organic honey infused with chestnuts! Très magnifique!

Lastly, cake time at the Musée d'Orsay! I guess that sums up my time there in December. Of course, it won't be my last. I've met some amazing people and plan to go back!

À la prochaine (until next time)!


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