About Me

Hello there! I'm Aya, writer and owner of Healthy Appetite, a food and lifestyle blog that focuses on enjoying life and the things we eat!

I grew up on Manhattan's Upper West Side, where Papaya King reigns supreme and Fairway's was pretty much THE place to get your Thanksgiving Day groceries (of course for us, always the day before, and battling the other hundreds of people who made the same mistake). I grew up in a foodie family where my dad, the sushi chef, would spend hours on his days off to create elaborate dishes for dinner and our house was made up of Japanese cooking magazines, homemade plum wine, and well, rice.

I never had much sense for cooking or baking back then. Cakes were prepared from a box, cookies came in a box, I ate cereal from a box . . . there were just a lot of boxes. Only in my teenage years, when health became a bigger concern for me, did I realize that food played a big role in it. After a while, it became a kind of obsession. I spent sleepless nights brainstorming my next cake, what I would take to lunch the next day, the stats on my protein bars. I brought in snacks for my co-workers and sometimes we'd sit down and just chat about pizza toppings or how freakin' amazing the Doughnut Plant that just opened up was. Food brought me closer to the types of people I love--warm people with big hearts, big personalities, and open minds, and it also helped me settle into my current place of residency, Berlin, Germany.

Healthy Appetite was born around the time I was just settling in. It seemed to be the natural thing to do after years of blogging in New York. I also needed a channel for my mental well-being as I struggled to get past legal obstacles and really awful weather.

'Healthy Appetite' has double meaning. On the one hand, it means a healthful/clean hunger. However my original intention for healthy appetite was for it to mean a large craving or desire for the things we love. I came to express myself through food because my appetite for cooking and eating just couldn't be suppressed!

If you have further comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact me via my contacts page. Vielen Dank meine Lieben!


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