Saturday, December 29, 2012

Der Döner Kebab

Getting back into the rhythm of things is hard after a week of indulging. I'm pretty sure at one point I smelled like potatoes and gravy, and maybe a bit of Stollen as well. In any case, I'm back in Berlin for now (more like, for the next few hours until going to Poland tonight!) and I need to get back into my groove.

That being said, see this little chap just winking at me?

That there is a  Döner Kebab. He may seem really innocent but underneath all that toasted breadyness is a pile of tempting meat and vegetables. Okay, it doesn't sound that bad, but when it's the only thing available at 3 am, in between parties, it's pretty dangerous. You just want him and he calls to you. He listens to you. He becomes your friend. And then Wabam! He's always there!

. . . .

Well, at least you can count on him, eh?

1 comment:

  1. ahhhhhhhhh!! was für ein Photo!!! I still have to resist 10 days without eating a döner (ah I hate this diet!)...
    Ah berliner döner...