Sunday, May 25, 2014

Oli vs. Aya Food Close-ups

Oli and I are two different people when it comes to food. I'm incredibly impatient so I will take whatever shortcut is necessary to get a good result (albeit sometimes I go the distance if I know that's the only way to go). Oli on the other hand doesn't mind waiting. This is why I have yet to attempt a croissant and Oli can spend a week making batches because he's in the mood.

Just look at 'em layers.

These muffins that I made for a picnic were a result of dumping all the ingredients into one bowl and sticking a piece of chocolate on top for "decoration". Okay, granted I do a lot of thinking when it comes to recipes I'm serving people and also ones that I make gluten free, vegan, and refined sugar free. So there's thought in the process but the action itself is quite minimal.

I really wish I could tell you how I made them but I made them in a pinch through experimenting. Besides, I'll probably experiment again and figure out a way to make them even better before I give the recipe to you guys.

Right now I'm brainstorming for my next sweet endeavor, which I would love to serve at a barbeque. Any recommendations are welcome. So until next time everyone!

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  1. Hey, I'm goin to be in Berlin between the 16th-22nd July, I hope you will be there during that time so I get to see you! It's been too long!!