Saturday, September 20, 2014

La Romana Gelateria in Verona

I have been a very bad girl.

It all started with an innocent stroll around town. I already had my first gelato in Verona. It was okay, the guy behind the counter was nice, and it made for a pleasant end to the day. Suddenly I see a corner packed with people and a line coming outside a store. People emerging with cups and cones of gelato and whipped cream, chatting away in Italian.

I knew then that it was fate and that I had to return to try what clearly looked like a potential party in my mouth. Naturally after the first time, I came back two more times (and I'm not even going to tell you how many times Oli and I debated on whether it would be okay to get back on line for a second cone).

The store is adorable and kitschy (as all trendy places are now a days). They also had a fridge of what looked like incredible cakes that we never got to try because every time we went into their shop, we became gelato junkies.

Yes guys, we struggled to return to reality each time.

The product in question is absolutely lovely! First they drip your choice of melted dark or white chocolate into the tip of the cone, then you get to choose 2 flavors from their selection. I loved every flavor I chose so I'm guessing you can't really go wrong. They don't do very unique and far out there flavors like I've seen in other gelaterias in Rome and Florence, but what they do do (which are Italian classics such as Fior di Latte, Stracciatella, and Zabaione), they do very well.

Luckily La Romana is a chain and you can find one in various cities around Italy. Buon Appetito!

La Romana Gelateria
Piazza Santo Spirito, 9
37122 Verona, Italy

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