Sunday, October 20, 2013

Purikura in Berlin and Meal Snaps!

Hey guys, what's shakin'?

A few days ago, a question popped into my head: Are there Purikura machines in Berlin? For those of you who don't know, Purikura are sticker pictures that you can take, decorate, print, and swap with friends. I did a bit of research (this means I googled "Purikura in Berlin") and found out that J-Store in Charlottenburg had one!

Before heading down there, we sat down for a lovely meal.

I think due to the weather change, I've been making a lot more soup than normal. Also, an easy Caprese Sandwich! Remember to rub the insides with Olive Oil, Salt, and Pepper. Makes it super tasty and Olive Oil is most beneficial when cold as opposed to heated.

I wanted to look cute for the photos so here is my outfit.

I got the hat at a fashion show I assisted (You can read up on that on my old fashion blog here)

With Oli!

J-Store is a small little shop on Kant Str. in Charlottenburg. You can't miss it because of the huge Hello Kitty sign sticking out near the awning.

I found Gashapon!

Since I know how to read Japanese, we went straight to the back to take Purikura!

Oli puts in coins (it's 8 Euros for the 2 sets so I recommend splitting when you go!)

Here's a breakdown of what happened next:

Finished! I chose to have more smaller stickers while Oli got the set with less bigger ones (did that sentence even make sense?)

Here are 2 of my favorites:

Oli didn't really understand how to decorate them so I stamped things everywhere I could.

Our next mission was to go to this cake shop nearby.

Looking determined. ^^^^

Unfortunately it was closed! I guess we'll have to go back a bit earlier. Below is a shot of their window display.

Those Pandas just look so cute . . . I want to eat them.

After some walking, we went back home to open our bottle of wine. Guess what guys? We got a 2003!

Remember in the Things I Ate this Week post we were looking for a 2003? Well we found one. It's a French Bordeaux. I have to say the wine is quite good, however I think the flavor is not as concentrated as I expected. It was so fruity! There's still 2/3 of it left for the next few days.

I also pre-cut some veggies and made a quick Thai curried vegetables dish.

Really spicy but really good. Also my drink is lemon water with a splash of green tea. Very refreshing!

Hope you enjoyed my post and wish you all a lovely Sunday!


  1. Ayaaa you and Oli are so cute ; w;
    I see you wearing' colored lenses heh

    1. Ohoho, sankyuu Amy!

      Yeah, I have grey ones from EOS (?) Anyway, I wear them only sometimes because they dry out my eyes after a while but they look cute!