Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Long Time, No Chat

Happy Belated New Years Everyone!

I know it's been a while since I posted. I've been going through a lot of stressful things, mainly with my living situation and employment. It's been so bad, and I feel awful that my dear friends from NY who came to stay with me in Berlin had to witness all the crazy. But what's done is done and it's time to move on. I know I'm going to be in a better situation soon, and I can't let negative energy bring me down!

Anyway, onto a few small updates.

1. The Most Recent Me
Here's me at Primark yesterday. I tried on two things, eventually not getting anything (the clothes I'm wearing here are all my own though). I like the idea of Primark, but alas, I never quite find items I'm willing to spend money on, because the quality is not where I'd like it to be. Cute things and maybe good for basics, but I think I'm more of a random thrift kind of girl.

2. The Most Recent Meal(s)
My Life in a Nutshell. Cakes, snacks, eggs, and salads. Oh, and if you're wondering what that brown mess is in that last pic, it's some warm Muesli (recipe coming up)

3. The Most Recent Trip
I went to Prague again, this time with my friends Kevin and Kyra from NY! It was a bit colder this time around because Winter was really showing his face, but somehow Prague seemed just as beautiful as ever. Here's a few snapshots of the wonderful city!

That's just a bit of how my New Year has been so far. How is everybody else's 2013 coming out?


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