Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meine Freunde in Berlin Pt. I

So the past few weeks I've had a few grand visitors i.e. AMAZEBALLS friends, who took a trip out to Berlin to see me!

The day they arrived was quite hectic - I cleaned my tornado of a room and went to pick up both Kev and Ky from the bus stop. However, they were arriving at completely opposite times and their bags went missing at the airport, so naturally, half of that day was spent trying to find them!

Ky being adorable at the neighborhood bakery.

Kev being a photographer (as usual!)

We had a little somethin' somethin'

The next morning we made breakfast: scrambled eggs with fresh veggies!

Amazing Chai Lattes at Cafe Krone in Prenzlauerberg

Pea Soup and Apple Strudels at Thomas Eck Restaurant in Charlottenburg
That was maybe the first 4 days or so . . . 

It was nice showing them around because I discovered some new places along the way. I also did a little dance on the S-bahn platform.

I hope you all enjoyed that one. Stay tuned for more!

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