Thursday, October 3, 2013

Safran Restaurant

I remember stumbling upon Safran with my friend Sam when she came to visit me back in November. It was one of those moments: we were both hungry and open to new ideas and the moment we saw the sign for Persian food, we decided to go in.

Safran is a quiet and cozy place. I've only seen it full of people once; every other time it's been just me or me and one other party. I usually swing for the lunch menu since everything is delicious and under 5 euros (yay!), but the regular menu is tasty as well. Plates can easily be split amongst two regular appetites.

I took my friend Dylan for the first time last Winter and he insisted we go again when he visited me this Summer. These are pictures from that time!

Dylan is always laughing at me.

Just be wary that there is some wait time with the food. I recommend eating a snack to hold you over while you listen to classical music and stare at locals outside.

Oranienstr. 172, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg


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