Saturday, September 28, 2013

Apples in Autumn

Fall is here and that means it's finally apple season!

Apples are a favorite back home. There is no Thanksgiving without apple pie (you will never ever convince my family to switch to pumpkin or pecan or sweet potato). My father eats an apple everyday after dinner. We love our apple cider, our caramel apples, and I am convinced Green Apple is the best Jolly Rancher flavor in existence (am I right or am I right?)

So you can imagine my excitement when this year, after living in the concrete jungle for all my life, Oli told me the apples from his apple tree were ready to devour. I mean come on, fresh apples from the garden? In fact, in Brandenburg, you can pick from random trees growing in public alleys (along with so many other fruits). Oh Mother Nature, I could just write you a love song.

I've been on a bit of a raw food kick lately. I've had a raw food phase before (only in intervals--I never mustered the courage to do it for a long period of time), and I really love the simplicity. Obviously you can get a bit more complicated (you mandolin wielding, dehydrating people I'm winking at you) but some recipes only call for a few simple steps.

Take this Apple Tart for example. If you have all these ingredients already, it's a breeze. Not to mention apples are the star.

Raw Vegan Apple Tart
Serves 1
3 small apples, cored and sliced
3/4 cup walnuts
1/2 cup dates

Soak 1/2 cup of the walnuts overnight or minimum 2 hours.

For the crust, put in a blender or food processor 1/4 cup dates with remaining 1/4 cup walnuts un-soaked. Pulse a few times until it becomes a nice paste. Take a small flat bowl or ramekin and press the mixture down with your hands.

For the filling, drain the soaked nuts and put them in the food processor with the other 1/4 cup of dates. Add one apples worth of apple slices and pulse the mixture until nice and creamy (you can add coconut oil too if you want it a bit firmer when you cool it later).

Now take the filling and put half of it on top of the crust. Add a layer of apple slices. Then put the rest of the filling on top, and garnish with remaining apples and a dash of cinnamon.

Put in the fridge for about an hour or eat right away if you don't mind it gooey.

Eat. Enjoy. Share the apple love.


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