Monday, September 30, 2013

Eis Eis Ice Baby

The Summer is winding down and it's getting a little chillier each day. Sooner or later, we'll forget about the beach and the barbeques, and we'll be heading home, blasting the heater and drinking Progresso Soup. Well, there is one practice I love no matter what season it is, and that is eating ice cream.

I never go into detail about ice cream with people because there's not much to talk about. As long as it's quality ice cream, made with a few wholesome ingredients, I like it. I will say the market in Germany is not as big. Even the popular Florida Eis company here uses Fructose Glucose Syrup in their cream versions (although perhaps the choice has something to do with the texture they're going for). But when you break it down, ice cream is just 3 simple ingredients: cream, sugar, and eggs.

I remember as a kid, I picked up a book of accidental "inventions." The story behind the ice cream cone began on a hot summer day at the beach. One cart was selling ice cream and the other waffles. The ice cream man had run out of cups to serve in so he went to his neighbor, who had fashioned for him a cone made of his product! I actually doubt this is the real story, but it's a cute theory, no?

Know the difference between gelato and ice cream? Ice cream according to U.S. standards must have at least 10% butterfat. Gelato by Italian standards must have 3.5%. Also Gelato is churned at a slower speed, having less air than ice cream. Therefore, it's more dense.

Those were my little fun facts. Also just a random thought, but did Starbucks stop selling ice cream? I can't remember the last time I saw a tub . . . but I could die eating their Java Chip. Anyway, stay tuned for more food thoughts!


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