Monday, September 23, 2013

Trip to Sweden

Hey guys, it's Aya! It's been a bit of a hectic 2 weeks over here. Biking to Hamburg, spontaneous trip to Sweden, and overall working on visa stuff (dun dun dun)! I also registered for a 3 month membership at this gym semi nearby so I'm pretty pumped!

Here are a few shots from Sweden! I tagged along with Oli and his father because his father had to pick up some supplies for work.

We docked at Trelleborg via Ferry and went to Malmö by car. Then we went back via bike!

The Turning Torso. It was a bit funny seeing this randomly tall building amongst the other smaller ones. I had no idea it was residential!

Oli by the water.

There were random cute statues everywhere!

I think we ate a bunch of these that day. Kanelbullar, Swedish Cinnamon Buns!

Such cute cafe display.

We also found a public garden. One of the workers stopped to chat with us and told us that it's owned by schools and people who are part of this program (but anyone can join). They had many beautiful flowers and vegetables (see below)

After walking around the garden, we went to the water side to see the famous Øresund Bridge. It connects Sweden to Denmark. Many people actually go to Malmö to cross the bridge over to Copenhagen.

After this, we started to head back to Trelleborg. The distance is nothing (30+ km) but it took forever to get out because nobody knew how! Everyone told us it was impossible to leave via bike. I told them I had a look at google maps earlier and there was indeed a bike route. A nice old man took us to a gas station where they printed us a map. After a few more interactions with people to confirm we were going the right way, we finally left Malmö!

We decided from there we'd take time and go around a bit longer to pass by some smaller villages. Most of the smaller villages had very little action, but we saw some nice fields along the way.

Our bikes in the Swedish countryside.

Our day ended with more kanelbullar and buying a few things at the local supermarket in Trelleborg. It was definitely a nice getaway. I definitely would love to visit Sweden again, maybe the east side next time!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and stay tuned for future updated!


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