Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Trip to Liepnitzsee

On Sunday, Oli and I biked over to Liepnitzsee, a lake located between Bernau and Wandlitz in Brandenburg. The thing to do in Berlin during the summer is to bike to lakes whenever possible. They're beautiful, surrounded by nature, and it's the perfect way to cool down on a blazing hot day.

We started off by eating a good ole hearty breakfast.

Actually, this was more like brunch since we woke up pretty late (no partying but we did cram in a few episodes of House of Cards -- shout out to Dan for the recommendation!) I made a poor man's frittata because it only had two eggs (I prefer a rainbow of veggies and only a bit of egg, minimal salt, and some herbs for added flavor). Oli made himself something similar to a gratin (we didn't go to the grocery store on Saturday so we used up whatever was in the fridge for both our meals, hence the make-shift dishes).

After eating and a bit of piano playing, we were off!

A nice sunny day.

30 km later, we arrived at the park with the lake! And of course at the entrance was a little food shack packed with people.

Time to refuel!

After a few minutes more of biking around the park, we found the lake. There's a small island right in the middle of it that you can swim to. Unfortunately, I can't swim! So the only people on that side are the ones with inflatable rafts and well, ones that can swim. Hopefully I can make it over there one day!

The day ended pretty quickly from there. We ate some dried fruit and vegan muffins and started on the long ride back home. On the way, I found the cutest little sign:

Where was this sign in Studio Ghibli's The Cat Returns??

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the post! Sorry if I've been lacking in them lately. Hopefully I can post a bit more in the coming weeks. Ciao for now!


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