Thursday, July 18, 2013

Getting Sick in the Summer

There is a phrase in Japan that basically goes, "Only stupid people get sick in the Summer." Well then, I must be the definition of stupid, because I get sick EVERY Summer without fail. And the problem is, there are always signs, and I ignore them. I had a weird throat thing (it didn't hurt but I was coughing in a strange harsh way periodically) for 3 days before I actually got sick. Now I know I need to stop ignoring what my body is telling me, and just take it easy.

On that note, I am lying in bed doing absolutely nothing but drinking tea and watching Youtube and I thought, "Oh Gee, what a perfect excuse to blog about my favorite Youtubers!"

So let's just say that because my blog is on the topic of all things that incorporate health and food and exercise and not-so-sneaky-indulgences, I'd keep the youtube channels on that track.

My favorite, absolute FAVORITE, channel for exercise is BeFit.

When I really started to get into exercise a couple of years ago, I was basically saved by two things: ExerciseTV (an on-demand channel with exercise videos that does not exist anymore unfortunately) and exercise videos on Youtube. I mean, when you're in school, it can be hard to go to a gym because of time and money restraints. BeFit is amazing because they have categories for all different kinds of workouts, whether it be strength training, pilates, yoga, dance, cardio, etc., and you can access it anywhere/anytime as long as you have internet connection!
I'm quite partial to the Jillian Michaels, Scott Herman, or occasional Denise Austin videos on this channel, but I recommend any of them.

I also maybe a month or so ago discovered Blogilates.

Cassey Ho is the instructor in all the blogilates videos and she's amazing! I don't know how she manages to talk through everything, she's a wonderment. She does both pilates as well as some cardio videos.
Pilates I think is one of the best ways to tone your body. I usually incorporate shorter pilates exercises into my routine of cardio and strength training. The movements are really focused on form (which is great because sometimes when you do cardio, you're so focused on keeping up, form can be neglected) and strengthening the different parts of your body. Cassey also does a segment called Cheap Clean Eats and the food always looks healthy, easy to do, and delicious! I recommend her highly!

As for food, I am obsessed with Ochikeron!

She cooks Japanese food that is both traditional and modern. In every video, she shows the steps so there's no way you mess up because you know exactly what it should look like. I love Japanese food but I never actually learned how it make it at home, so she is my savior!! She also has a really nice kitchen that I would love to have some day. *0*

And of course, Tastemade!

Why you need to check out Tastemade:
-Laura Miller has a raw vegan category. I wasn't big on her at first, but somehow now I adore her.
-The guys at Sorted Food have a section there as well, and okay, I hate to admit it but they cook, they're cute, and they're British so . . . do I really need to convince you on that one?
-They have a drinks section. Not alcoholic drinks, but specialty-drinks-from-countries-around-the-world category. Uh-amazing.

Finally, my favorite beauty guru is Clothesencounters.

I've included beauty because what is life if you can't make something beautiful out of yourself and it? Anyway, the reason why I love Jenn is because she doesn't talk to you in a materialistic, you-have-to-have-these-things kind of way, and her personality is very likeable. Also, her aesthetic fits with mine. I really think her videos are great for people who need inspiration or just want to stare at cool clothes (p.s. she is a fellow thrifter)!

Those are generally my top favorites on Youtube. I have many more (especially for beauty), but thought I'd keep it short and simple. Just as a note, I'm not paid to write any of this, I genuinely think these people/channels are great.

Until next time! Tottles!


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