Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bioladen Cafe

A Bioladen is directly translated as an Organic Store, and you guessed it; everything in the store is organic. I am a frequent visitor of these establishments because I love the variety they offer. From regular grocery items to specialty items, I find them to be an immense source of inspiration for new recipes.
Some of them also have a little cafe attached so you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. It's a nice pit stop if you're wandering around your neighborhood with no particular agenda. Better yet if you have a friend with you!

I find it totally funny that I can spot the items from Ikea. I have the same sugar container! I grabbed an espresso while Riccardo grabbed a Hot Lemon Chai drink.

That's what this particular Bio Store looked like. There are many like this in every neighborhood of Berlin!

My friend Riccardo!


Sorry for the late update. I've been scrambling around Berlin just enjoying the last few days of warm fall before cold deadly fall rears its ugly head (although I suppose Berlin winter has a charm of its own). Anyway, look forward to another post veeeeery soon. Ciao for now Leute!


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