Saturday, October 26, 2013

Share it Saturdays No. 1

Today is my first installment of Share it Saturdays! As my readers from my old blog, Stilettos at the Dinner Table, know, I am a super spontaneous poster. I have no rhythm when it comes to posting (oh Aya, let's face it, you have no rhythm at all), but with the help of this theme, I will remember to periodically share some of my favorite bits and bobs with you guys!

My first finding is actually one I have mildly mentioned before in my Getting Sick in the Summer post. However I had to mention it again because the host, Laura Miller, is back with another season and so far so good.
Below is the premiere where she shows people how to make raw banana ice cream.

Banana Soft Serve has been around for a while and people go absolutely nuts over it because it is so easy (frozen bananas + food processor). What I really enjoy about Laura's video is her multiple takes on the basic recipe. I will definitely be giving the cake idea a go.

Another interesting find is an article from NY Mag's Grub Street: How Out-of-Town Chefs Finally Penetrated New York's Restaurant Scene.

Click Here for the Article

It's funny how I was just talking to someone about restaurant business and then I found this. It's kind of like little tips and tricks that worked for people who opened up food establishments in NY. New Yorkers are really something, I tell you. We like everything from rustic to hipster to fancy to hole in the wall-ish, and we don't mind if our food comes with cloth or paper napkins as long as it's delicious, authentic, and served with a whole lot of personality. Also can we just talk about point #7: cultivating a line? Because if you eat out in NY, you know how crazy that can get sometimes.

Finally two of my beauty faves that I am loving at the moment. I strongly believe that to live in a healthy manner, one should feel beautiful on the inside and out.

The lotion I am using right now is this one:

Victoria's Secret Body Lotion in Love Spell!

I'm a huge Victoria's Secret fan. I watch the show every year and even keep up with the models from time to time. I still remember my first Victoria's Secret anything was a body spray I got for my birthday back in grade school. Their scents are always either sweet or floral which I prefer over musk. Love Spell is one of my favorites--I initially got the lotion as a gift and then I went on to purchase the Body Butter and Body Spray in the same scent.

I'm also loving this color on my nails:

It's Kiko's Nail Lacquer in Color 343, Spring Green. I actually like it for Fall because it's somewhat of an Emerald Teal which goes great with the monochromatic pieces in my wardrobe.

So that's the round up for this week's Share it Saturdays! Let me know what you think. Also if you find anything cool that you think I might like, you can email it to me (email is on the right side). Ciao and hope you have a lovely Saturday!


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