Sunday, October 13, 2013

Things I Ate this Week

It's Sunday guys and Sunday is a day of relaxation in Europe. It boggles my brain every time that 80% of stores are closed over here. Growing up in NY, businesses never stopped for any day of the week. I suppose it's a nice change though (people deserve to catch up on their beauty sleep!)

Anyway, to close up the week, here's a flash of a few things I bought and ate.

I am most definitely a wine girl! If I have the choice between wine or beer, I always opt for wine. Beer is nice for a relaxing summer day in the park, but there's just something utterly chic about having a glass of wine and talking over candle light. I found a Spanish bottle from 2006 and decided to give it a go. Quite good! Oli and I are now looking for a 2003 online because according to him, it was the longest summer and produced many good wines.

I also ate the smallest cookie in the world.

Look, I told you! Smallest cookie in the world!!!

Haha, actually it can't get much bigger than that because it's actually in a box of Muesli!

I tried it just this morning. It's a new flavor I believe. When it comes to Muesli, I like it without added sugar because I either sweeten it with fruits or my own sweetener. However Oli is a sucker for Schoko-Muesli so we had to give it a go! I can't eat too much of it because I do find the sweetness kind of melts into the milk, but it's definitely a guilty breakfast treat!

Finally, a grocery haul!

I stopped by the Turkish Market for some produce on Tuesday (every Tuesday and Friday near Schönleinstraße) and then popped into Bio Company for some organic essentials! I think I planned literally only two of those purchases and everything else was just because I thought I would enjoy using it. The soup bouillon did come in handy yesterday though when I made soup for a sick Oliver!

The oil I used is Flaxseed Oil. I also varied it so I made Oli's with rice and a bit more salt and pepper. Complete with Kinder chocolate on the side (cause you know that's what actually cures the patient). ;)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my food from the week and see ya soon!


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