Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Party Party

Happy November everyone! I took a bike ride this morning and can I just say what lovely riding weather it was? Not much wind, not too cold or hot, just amazing. I hope the rest of the month is like this.

So yesterday was Halloween and as you may or may not know, Halloween is not a big thing in Berlin. In fact, it's not even a thing. Some kids go trick or treating for the candy, but their costumes are not even costumes! Maybe due to that fact, I thought it only natural to have a Halloween party and invite the coolest cats in town.

I was too poor for decorations but see what a pack of colored paper can do.

Yes, those are cats (not rats as someone mistook them for)

I also went a little nutzo in the kitchen and prepared what ended up being more food than we needed (thanks everyone for bringing the nosh!) I initially thought about making chocolate skeleton cookies but decided it would be much more fun to doodle Halloweenie things on round chocolate cookies instead (ha, weenie)<---yes I am 4 years old.

The mess is scary I know.

Here is the finished snack table, complete with garlic knobs (not exactly knots), eyeball meatballs, and the Schoko-Kekse!

Before people rolled in, I also started on a bit of Mate.

  And here I am!

I'm a scarecrow! A bit hard to tell without the straw but many people got it!

My friend Anne Louise and her guest Dan also brought in these awesome spider eggs! Everyone loved them and they were all happily consumed throughout the night.

Sweeney Todd and a seemingly nice yet evil witch enjoying some grub.

We also found the Scottish Buddha with his third very insightful eye.


The rest of the night went as follows . . .

Anyone else notice the hidden face above?

I had a total blast! Everyone looked absolutely fabulous and it was fun catching up with all the monsters and murderers in the house. Also, I know it's a bit belated now but I still want to wish you, my readers, a . . .



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