Sunday, November 10, 2013

Share it Saturdays No. 3 ft. Packaged Foods

This week's Share it Saturday is about packaged food. Packaged food gets a bad rap from time to time. The argument is that it's not fresh and can contain preservatives and other pesky ingredients. Although it does not compare to fresh food, I find there is a place for it in our lives! The key is to check nutrition labels (I usually look at sodium levels, sugar levels, where the fat is derived from, fiber, and ingredients).

Here's just some of my few favorite products:

1. Greens Plus Bars. I used to work at Trader Joes (the affordable hipster supermarket) and I was mildly obsessed with trying out all the energy bars they had. My friend really liked these so I decided to splurge one day and get one. There's no going back once you've had it. The stats are amazing and to me they taste delicious (it reminds me of some Japanese sweet I've had before).
2. GT's Kombucha. Another item available in America but not in Germany. It's a Kombucha drink. You can find them mixed with juices or chia seeds. They are also on the pricey side so I don't buy them too often, but I find them on sale from time to time at Whole Foods.
3. Fage Yogurt. Greek Yogurt is my favorite type of yogurt because it's super creamy and feels decadent. There's usually more calories in Greek Yogurt but there are Fat Free varieties and besides, there's a lot of protein in there!
4. Garden of Life Raw Meal. I bought this huge container and again, it's not cheap (2.5 lbs for $34?) It is however some kind of a miracle. The ingredient list is ridiculous and so are the nutrients that come from everything. I will say that it tastes absolutely disgusting and there is a grainy texture but I try to mask it with some sugar fruits (ex. pineapple, bananas, mangos, etc.) in a smoothie. Really good if you want to take a bunch of greens in one go (without actually having a bunch of greens lying around).
5. Trader Joe's Hummus. I love hummus from Trader Joe's. Much like my experience with trying all the bars, I've pretty much tried all the hummus. The Cilantro Jalapeño is one of my favorites. It has a nice kick to it.
6. Green Curry Paste. I have a tub in my fridge and all I can say is that it instantly transforms dishes into something spicy, aromatic, and tasty. It's only a few simple ingredients. The only downside is that salt is included in the paste so you have no control over that.
7. Okame Natto. Natto is fermented soybeans. People that know me know I love this stuff. It's definitely an acquired taste. Just know that although it may smell bad, it doesn't taste like how it smells, so maybe you'll like it if you give it a shot.

So there is a small list of some of the products I love. I hope you can try some of these things if you've seen them around but never picked them up. Ciao everyone and happy weekend!


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