Sunday, November 3, 2013

Share it Saturdays No. 2

Hey guys and welcome to another edition of Share it Saturdays!

Let's just have a moment of silence right now to mourn the consumption of this milk.

This is Hazelnut Milk. Hazelnut Milk and I met a long time ago but we never really got to know each other until just the other day. It was like Romeo and Juliet. We both kind of noticed each other in the aisles of REWE. There were other non-dairy milks that wanted my attention but to the utterly sexy exploding hazelnuts, I just couldn't say no.
I took him home with me and I soon realized that although it had been only a day, I loved him. But with it's 2.69 euro price tag and my declining bank account, I found this to be a forbidden love affair. The next morning I found him lying there, like the end of a dream.

Okay, sorry for the drama guys, but this stuff is awesome. If I were not well educated enough, I'd say they squeezed milk from the non-existent udders of a hazelnut. I think I prefer it more than almond milk. Almond milk is more neutral but I love the nutty sweet flavor without it actually being sweetened.

Another thing I'd like to share (and I am way late on the bandwagon) is this documentary:

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

My father went to go see it when it came out. Most of you don't know that my father doesn't do movie theaters. He likes watching movies on the tv maybe 10 years after their release but theaters are just not his thing. What a shock when he came home and was raving about this documentary.
The reason why it only recently hit me to watch it is because the apprentice Nakazawa (the one who dedicated 6 months to perfecting his tamago dish) has opened up a new spot in NY called Sushi Nakazawa. It's one of the most raved about eating establishments in NY right now, due largely to his role in the film as well as the master he worked under (that and I'm sure it's just really good).
This film is not for everyone. I watched it with Oli and a flatmate and they didn't understand Jiro's mentality, which makes sense if you don't understand Japan's work ethics and ideals. Japan is comprised of extremely hard working people and also people that I find act more with their mind than with their physical being. Jiro had to join the work force at a very young age and he's constantly pushing and striving to be the best. It's a bit manic and I guess if you can't relate to it, it's hard to appreciate it. But I thought overall it was a good portrait of a man who is considered to be the best in his field but doesn't stop trying to learn new things and become better.

This week's Share it Saturday will be just those two things because they really spoke to me. Stay tuned for No. 3 next week! Ciao everyone!


  1. I've been meaning to watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi! I'll have to move it up on my Netflix queue based on your recommendation.

    Also, on the hazelnut milk - I've been saying since I visited Germany that American's don't have enough of an appreciation for hazelnuts! I actually made my own hazelnut milk a while back, but I think the recipe needs some tweaking. I'll let you know if I come up with something easy and affordable :)

  2. These are two awesome recommendations! I am a huge hazelnut fan but somehow didn't even know that hazelnut milk existed. Obviously I need to track some down and try it for myself STAT. Also, I have read so many rave reviews of Jiro Dreams of Sushi--this is just the push I needed to finally watch it!