Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thrift Shopping and Hefeklöße

Hello party people, how are you today?

I'm catching up on America's Next Top Model Cycle 20. I don't watch every season but once in a while I tune into one and keep up with it. I'm not too crazy about the contestants on this cycle . . . as always there's a lot of unnecessary drama and people that get emotional way too easily. So in the case of this season, I don't really care who wins. I'm mainly in it for the fashion!

Speaking of fashion, I did take a trip out to Humana to see if anything could be added to my wardrobe. Humana is a huge thrift/second hand chain here in Berlin. There's usually one in every or most neighborhoods. The biggest one I know is at Frankfurter Tor so I took a train out to good ol' Friedrichshain to check out the selection.

Here is my morning snack!

Alpro is a company that produces plant based "dairy" products. This one is a blood orange flavored soy yogurt. They are really tasty and perfect as a snack.

I also pulled out the blue eyeshadow.

Nothing crazy but a little accent is always nice on the face.

It's a bit chaotic to look at depending on the floor you're on but the random art on the walls is fun.

More art!

I then went to the top floor which happens to be where their vintage stock is. It's mostly 80's and 90's stuff. I personally love this kind of stuff because it's all about the colors, prints, and dynamic shoulders. Here's a dress I thought was pretty snazzy:

It's certainly not for everyone but I do enjoy pink girly dresses to mix up with edgier pieces in my wardrobe. And this one is just so 90's.

Overall I had fun looking at random knickknacks. I actually did not purchase anything because although I found things I liked, I thought the prices were a bit pricey for what they were (I always convert it to dollars in my head and consider if I can get it in NY for cheaper). I do recommend going if you're ever in the neighborhood. They have a huge selection of sweaters that would make even Bill Cosby dizzy.

Last but not least, Oli and I made Hefeklöße recently! We pretty much cheated because I didn't really know about them before he pointed it out in the super market and we kinda bought it already made . . . However, we did put it together with blueberry sauce!

Look at how cute! They honestly taste like the sweet red bean buns without the red bean filling that you can find in local Chinese restaurants and cafes. I started to think maybe this is also one of those foods that Westerners adapted from the Asians. I think this makes a pretty fun snack every once in a while and it's also very filling.

Eating next to the fireplace!

So that's my update for today. I hope you like seeing the food I've been eating/trying out. I wish you guys all a lovely Thursday!


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