Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fridge food, Before Sunrise, and a Japanese Movie

Hello everybody! I've been on a little break from work over the past few days and I feel incredible! It's so nice to just chill out sometimes with absolutely no agenda.

Speaking of chilling out, I hung out with a new friend today and talking about travel and meeting people on the train really inspired me to watch this movie tonight:

I've never watched it before. I know it's a favorite of many but somehow it slipped through the cracks and now to make up for it, I've paused all human contact for the next 100 minutes because I want to be sucked into what seems to be a charming love story (yes, I'm in that mood).

I also cleaned out the fridge. Well no, there is still a ton of stuff crammed in there, but I had to make a huge dent and what better way than just putting everything in a pan with a spoonful of Go Chu Jang?

I also ordered Stevia and put in a few drops for added sweetness.

Ta-da! A very unappetizing picture but I swear it was just the opposite.

Back to movies (there is no cohesion in my brain today), I just watched this a few days ago:

I tend to gravitate towards American/European movies for no particular reason other than they're just easier to watch with friends, but once in a while I remember there's a Japanese movie I really wanted to see. Hyakuman-en to Nigamushi Onna is a great example of one of those movies since I've been wanting to see it since it came out and just kept putting it off/forgetting about it. There is a girl who is charged of a petty crime and due to the gossip and strong push from her brother to stand on her own two feet, she saves up a million yen (about $10,000) and moves to another city. There she saves up the same million yen, and keeps repeating it, going from city to city.
I admit I chose to watch this because I LOVE Moriyama Mirai and Aoi Yuu is someone I find aesthetically flawless, but it was better than expected. I found myself pretty invested in the characters' lives. So if you're curious, I would give it a go!
That's all for today in terms of updates. I have some restaurant reviews and random city pictures coming up, so keep your eyes peeled for those. Ciao ciao~


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