Saturday, April 5, 2014

21 Day Vegan Challenge

I recall a time my friend Vicky and I went out for Apfel Strudel after work. We were talking about various things and the topic of food came up. After talking about my plans to cut something out for a while, Vicky laughed and said I love to do experiments on myself because I'm always trying something out to see if it "works."

Yes, I am my own lab rat.

In my defense, I've mentioned before that I love trying out new things to see whether it "works" for me or not. The term "works" is in quotations because it's hard to define what that means, but generally it relates to whether I feel good doing it. For example, I can't seem to do any fluid cleanse because not eating is not an option for me (how do people willingly live off of liquids for longer than a week?) But incorporating parts of the blood type diet does work for me, and I notice the difference when I stray away from it a lot more than usual.

This moment's experiment seems to be the 21 Day Vegan Challenge. Not gonna lie, I told myself "If Beyonce can do it, so can I." But I've adjusted it a bit further, and decided to also cut out gluten and refined sugars. Vegan is not so hard and I feel similarly about being gluten free, but I have a feeling the refined sugar thing will kick me where it hurts (do people know how much I love sweets?)

Anyway, this is just a small notice to let you guys know I'm starting it tomorrow and we shall see how long it lasts. I decided that 21 days is nothing compared to the rest of my life, so hopefully I can stay strong (even through Easter).

Wish me luck, and updating will commence as usual (which is not very reassuring . . . haha). Oh, and I will be posting photos from before the challenge, so don't be alarmed if the food I post is not related to the challenge (at least in the next few days). Ciao ciao!


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