Sunday, April 13, 2014

New and Old Favorites

It's officially the end of the first week of my 21 day vegan challenge and might I say it went smoother than I anticipated. I thought I would go coo coo bananas over not having a bit of something sweet here and there but honestly, fruit is amazing and I've been dropping a few drops of stevia into my lemon water to make lemonade to tote around. I admit there are a few things that I miss but I realize this is all just a way for me to get more creative in the kitchen.

I recently took a trip out to the LPG Bio Market in Mitte. There are many bio stores in Berlin where all products sold are organic (different from America where there are many health food stores but not necessarily everything sold is organic). I really love LPG . . . it's pricier than some of the other bio stores but their selection is great. I can't find another place that has this specific peanut butter I like (without salt, sugar, or oil, but also tastes like the PB I buy in NY).

Here are some of the purchases I made:

Vegan Breakfast Yogurt, Soybeans, and 92% Dark Chocolate.

The yogurt is great! I love to eat yogurt but I can't actually stomach dairy that well. This one happens to also be sugar free.The soybeans are for my fermentation (I make my own fermented soybeans aka natto because it's cheaper, tastes great, and reduces waste). I also found some interesting chocolate!

I see this brand in bio stores a lot and this one particular bar happens to contain coconut blossom sugar instead of refined! Dark chocolate also contains a good amount of fiber and anti-oxidants (if you didn't know why people are obsessed with anti-oxidants, it's because it reduces the risk of cancer and signs of aging)! I like dark chocolate for snacking especially.

Speaking of snacks, my favorite at the moment is smearing peanut butter onto rice crackers and topping it with bananas.

Simple yet satisfying. Try it with a sprinkle of cinnamon and let the goodness sink in.

Finally, I've been really loving the Detox tea from Kusmi.

The first time I tried Kusmi was when my sister got me a sampler pack for my birthday a few years back. I haven't looked back since. I keep a variety of different teas and brands around but when I feel like splurging on myself, I go for Kusmi. This one in particular does exactly what it says and it has an overall cleaning and calming effect. Kusmi has many stores and distributors around the world so if you're ever nearby, definitely check out their selection!

I think that will be all for today. I hope you guys have a lovely Sunday!


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