Sunday, January 19, 2014

Osmanya Restaurant

Once in a while, I like going to fancy places where the napkins are cloth and there's actually someone who will take your coat and hang it up in a guest closet. When I actually enter the place however, I look down at my tattered boots and wonder if I really belong there.

Osmanya restaurant is a Turkish restaurant located in Moabit, Berlin that fulfills the best of both worlds. It's got the decor of a princess dining room but prices suited for a pauper (okay, a middle class Berliner).

My friend Anne Louise and I went, later joined by the two girls from Frankfurt I mentioned in this post and Oli!

Anne Louise and I!

The menu.

The prices for entrees range from 9-20 euros or you can make a meal from appetizers for about 5 euros each.

Anne Louise and I ordered the same dish (I believe this cost 10.50!)

Oli got lamb, which was a few euros more.

The food was very fresh and tasty and the portions are definitely enough to make you full. Even the appetizers were a pretty good size. They also have interesting drinks I never heard of (who knew Turkish lemonade tastes like Flintstones vitamins?)

Group shot!

Overall, I would recommend going to this restaurant. The service was very accommodating and our server answered any questions we had (although we went on a quiet weekday so not sure what it would be like when it's busy). It also seems they have an outdoor patio for when it's warm enough to sit outside.

Osmanya Restaurant
Birkenstra├če 17, 10559 Berlin


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