Monday, December 10, 2012

Dresden and Paris: Update

Hey guys, how are you today? I've been doing well (although fighting a tiny little bug in the stomach).

Berlin is just as cold as ever (with temperatures going down a whopping -11 C on Saturday). I would say luckily I was in Dresden, except that it was quite the Winter Wonderland down there as well (my feet felt like frozen icecube trays!) However, I can say lucky me I'm going to Paris, because it's a whole 6 C higher!

I'm doing a bit of packing now (warzone in the room), before I head over to the bus. I'm actually extremely lucky I live right next to the bus that takes me straight to the Tegel Airport.

The above picture is a small pit stop Cristina, Laure, and I made to grab a coffee and warm up in Dresden. I'm always in the mood for sweets. I'll post the rest soon!

Ciao for now (or shall I say Au Revoir?)


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