Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Christmas Market Part I

I'm the type of girl who starts prepping for Christmas as early as I can without being thought a weirdo. I'm talking sucking on candy canes, buying loads of wrapping paper and ribbon, and figuring out what homemade tasties to make and give to friends.

I think the whole world is with me on this one. I mean, let's not forget how early the holiday music starts playing at Starbucks (let's just say it's only pleasant to people who don't work there, made clear by a few of my employed friends). So how does Germany celebrate? They set up these cute little house looking stands, sell German fare, set up rides for children, and call it a Christmas Market.

Exhibit A:

Knacker and Kale
Champignons and Krauter Sauce

These were taken at the Kulturbraurei near Eberswalderstr. U-bahn. My first German Christmas market (and definitely not the last!) My only qualm of course is that things are just a tad pricier than I would like them to be (8 euro bowl of sausage and kale!) but I'm paying for the atmosphere and the atmosphere is quite jolly.

I think Ole Saint Nick himself would be pretty proud.


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