Friday, November 30, 2012

Hey Thar' Buns, What's Toasting your Sesame Seeds?

Not too often do bookstores make you hungry, unless you are either in the cookbook section or you're waiting for a friend that promised burgers on the way home.

Well, combine the two, and you get one hungry person whose friend found them in the cookbook section staring at the Book of Burger (a la Rachel Ray). It's a bit strange when you have to explain Rachel Ray to someone, because in the States she's pretty much everywhere. But a few pages in, my friend and I decided, to hell with buying premade food, let's make them little buggers (ahem, I mean, burgers).

The recipe is Rachel's Italian BBQ Chicken Burgers.

We didn't buy the same amount of chickadee as the recipe calls for, so I kind of improvised the measurements (I do that a lot here, because the metric system change means no one uses measuring cups!) It still turned out quite tasty! The only thing I would change is the amount of fennel I used (it was a tad too licoricey). And I think for me, the meat in the sauce is too much because the burger is already made of meat. Otherwise, I give it a thumbs up! It was also a lovely way to spend a weekday evening.


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