Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Food Haul ft. Berlin

Berlin is an interesting place. The rent's cheap, the food's cheap (well, unless you're looking for some natural Peanut Butter or Baby Spinach . . . and don't get me started on pureed pumpkin), and apart from finding a job being incredibly hard for a good ole American lass like me, it's quite the knock-out place to be.

Take this picture (above) for example. I probably paid around $15 for all of this deliciousness (and there's meat too). Same goes for the items below:

Minus the Zimt (cinnamon) and jar of PB, it's all organic and cost me around $17.

One of my mother's first emails to me after I moved to Berlin was her worrying about my eating. My response were these two pictures, and a "Don't worry, I'm eating like a King!" She was convinced of course, because who would think I was starving after seeing that?

Thank you Berlin, for loving my stomach.


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