Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cookies for You and Me

I love cookies. But to be totally honest, I've always been more of a cake kinda gal. And not until I started baking again, did I realize just how much fun cookies are to bake. They're small, easy to store, and you can trick your friends into thinking you're really good at this stuff, when you just put in a little of this and some of that into a bowl.

I made these when I was too tired of spending money on Prinzenrolles.

Euro-man not included with every rolle

Unfortunately, these were so good, my friends and I (okay, mostly me) ate them in a matter of days. Oh the power of vegan cookie dough . . .
What? Now you want the recipe?
Uh . . . I forgot to write it down.
. . . . .

Don't kill me. I surrender.


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